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Birthdate:Jul 3
Location:New York, United States of America
I'm also now on Dreamwidth as novalis.

Born: Philadelphia, PA, USA
Parents: both lawyers
Brother: [profile] psilosopher
Schooling: Grades 1-3: Gladwynne Montessori School. Grades 4-6: Oak Lane Day School. Grades 7-12: Friends Select School. Fall 1998-Spring 2000: Reed College

Previous nicknames: Snails, Angel Of Death (hey, I was young), Coyote Pack (I wasn't supposed to tell you that one), Prizog

Current work: OpenPlans.

+1 617 441 0668

"If you're someone who kills monsters, then there must always be a monster to kill." -Rebecca Borgstrom, _TRE ORE_
"There is hope, but not for us." -Franz Kafka

Life goals:
primary (when these feel impossible, I hate the world):
Save the world
Build a long-term, primary relationship (I win!)
secondary (when these feel impossible, I hate myself):
craft things of beauty
build communities
enhance personal awesomeness
tertiary (when these feel impossible, I try something else):
lend resolve
see interest list

I think we need an anti-interest list, so that we can register dislike of things. Here's mine:
bureaucracy, cars, cheese, Microsoft, Sony, Apple, a ever-shrinking number of vegetables, oppression, pointless flame wars, testosterone poisoning, woo-woo
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