(1) [livejournal.com profile] regyt has some wool laid out on a towel top of the chest freezer. I just reached into the freezer to get some lamb stock, and it struck me how apt it was that I was reaching under lamb wool to get (boiled) lamb bones.

(2) A couple of my friends had posts up which mentioned Will Shetterly, but they didn't say his name. I wondered what they were afraid of, so I went into the bathroom, turned out the lights, and said "Will Shetterly, Will Shetterly, Will Shetterly," while spinning around in front of the mirror. When I opened my eyes, I saw nothing at all in the mirror -- but suddenly, all that comes out of my hot water tap is tomato juice, and all that comes out of my cold water tap is vodka. And why has my soap been replaced with this tabasco sauce?

(Edit: I swear I posted this before I saw xkcd)
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