I feel like I've said before that I cannot judge a work of fiction until I've finished reading it.

This is probably not actually true. Like, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be happy with Ra, when it finishes. I've read all of Hughes's prior work, and I know that his sense of what is satisfying lines up well with mine. Plus it's sort of made for me -- magic-as-engineering is one of my weaknesses.

Worm just finished.

I found it on Metafilter a couple months ago. I opened it in a tab, then lost the tab for a couple of weeks. When I got back to it, I expected to read about one chapter and then give up. But I was actually totally sucked in, and read the entire thing. The entire thing is long. He's been writing at NaNoWriMo speeds for over two years(!), and thus has ended up with over 1/3 of the word count of the Wheel Of Time. It's not the best writing in the world -- he definitely could use an editor. But it's definitely got a lot that's satisfying. And I don't even particularly like superheroes.

Speaking of superheroes, I found it interesting that as soon as Siberian encountered Clockblocker, I had an immediate, very strong opinion about of how their powers would interact. I was wrong, but it's still weird to have such strong opinions about nonsense physics.

Here's the thing about Worm: ~5/6ths of the way through, something about the cosmology of the universe is revealed that completely and utterly destroys the story. In a shorter work, that would be enough for me to declare it a failure. But with this amount of good stuff, I decided to ignore it and retcon/patch my way around that aspect of the story. And, ultimately, the ending was (ignoring the cosmology) satisfying.

So I'm going to recommend it to those in the mood for a long read, with some trigger warnings: bullying, violence, really really dark.
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I was pointed to it recently and am about halfways through chapter 3, but I didn't realize it was so long. The bullying is really rough, as a reader. It's not quite to the "I do not want to read this fucked up story about systemic abuse" level, but it's pretty substantial. I'm glad to hear that it's ultimately worth it. (Now I want to discuss the cosmology breaker with you whenever I get there!)
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Okay, just finished! Is this a spoilery thread, or should I write you privately with my thoughts?
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I was pleased that their precog predicted a 97% chance of the world ending AND IT ACTUALLY DID. They were not that magical 3% where everything worked out. You never see that!

The ending was better before Taylor wasn't dead after all. I thought that weakened the story. Also, how is it that Tattletale knows and DINAH doesn't? That doesn't make any sense. No hiding from the precog.

I don't know who the old woman on the bus was that Taylor talked to. Really old Purity? Something?

Bummer that they killed Grue, I didn't see that coming. Apparently it's men in refrigerators here.

I did like the Dragon/Defiant ending, that was good.

I didn't think Scion's defection was as inevitable as Cauldron seemed to think it, and there's some "you caused this, you know" time loop in there. Also, WTF conveniently tame Endbringers after they get the Simurgh. I'm not sure how the rest of them were suddenly like "oh okay" or how everyone would be so sure of that. You'd think there would be massive PTSD problems even from having them around, even after they were on the 'right' side.


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